City of Claremont presents Certificate of Recognition presented to Claremont Toyota


Mayor Sal Medina and Councilmember Ed Reece presented a Certificate of Recognition to Brad Pringle, Toyota General Manager for their sponsorship of the Community Emergency Response Team's (CERT) 2nd Annual Car Show.

Claremont CERT appreciates all the support received from the Claremont Toyota team. The success of the Car Show will strengthen our ability to educate the Claremont community in emergency preparedness.


Claremont CERT would like to thank all of you who assisted in yesterday’s car show.  As they say, it takes a team, and we certainly needed and had a great team to pull off this event.

Despite all of the threats that rain presented, we had almost 100 cars registered and most of them showed up. The funds we received from their registrations will allow us to upgrade some of our medical supplies and equipment. Claremont Toyota, in addition to covering the expense of the lunches, DJ and facility also made a generous donation to our CERT group. They have been a great partner for us and they are looking forward to next years show.

We made some last minute changes due to the weather threat and from our experience from the first car show. This demonstrated our flexibility and what we learned from the past. We had a new educational experience from this show which will allow us make the next one even better.

For those of you who were unable to attend, we decided to incorporate a few new things to assist the public in being prepared. We provided CPR training, blood glucose testing courtesy of Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and an introduction to our disaster preparedness training course (NSPP). We plan to expand our efforts in this area as we have a large number of people who are at the show for several hours and this is a great opportunity to educate them and demonstrate our mission.

We want to give a special thank you to Lt. DeMetz, Sgt. Nick Martinez and the Claremont Officers who mingled with the attendees and kept everyone safe. Also, the Explorer group acted as a “force multiplier” and assisted us in parking control.

Who is Claremont CERT and why a Car Show?

Claremont CERT is a volunteer organization whose mission is to train citizens to prepare for local disasters and to assist when called upon by the Claremont Police Department or other first responders..

The Annual Car show is the way that CERT can raise funds to enhance the CERT training courses for the public and provide materials during our Neighborhood programs and to the public about preparing for local disasters.

The Claremont CERT Car Show is supported by Claremont Toyota who provides the location and resources to hold the show. We welcome all makes and models of vehicles, from brand new to early works in progress.

To show your vehicle please register using the link below, if you would like to come out and admire all the cars and learn a bit about preparing for disasters please do come on by, it is of course free parking and admittance to the show.

If you have any questions please feel free to email